Responsible Gaming


Bet Swagger is the only adult oriented onlinecasino in the world, built for adult entertainment purposes only.  If you feel the need to gamble or cannot control yourself please get the help needed so you can enjoy the real Bet Swagger experience.  We encourage social gaming not gambling on our website.

Bet Swagger is committed to responsible gaming awareness, and is dedicated to give an enjoyable and positive gaming experience for all of its community members. Most players play for fun and entertainment, but we are aware that a small percentage of players have issues.  The types of players we are referring to are:


- Allow online gambling to control them and affect their personal lives and the lives of their family and friends
- Think that gambling is a method of making extra income on a long term or short term basis
- Attempt to play when they’re underage

These are only a few of the major gambling issues that Bet Swagger faces.

The people behind Bet Swagger are committed to assisting and getting those who should not be playing adult online games for cash online the needed help by getting them the right information needed to overcome their gambling issue(s). 

Underage Members

Nobody under the age of 18yrs is allowed to play on the Bet Swagger website. If you are worried that an underage child may use your computer to play our games, try any of the following steps to try to avoid this issue(s) (Some of these tips can be used for general PC protection):

  • Keep all your banking tools (Example: credit cards, debit cards, bank account information, etc) hidden away from minors, do not think this cannot happen to you as we have seen it happen.  Adults with monetary tools should keep them safe away from underage children and young adults.  They’re your tools so protect them the best way possible.
  • Do not leave your PC/Desktop open and/or unattended once logged in.
  • Password protect your PC profile so nobody can access information on it accidently or intentionally.
  • Do not use ANY “Remember My Password” options anywhere on your PC or on the internet, in general.  Especially when it comes to money oriented websites.
  • You can also try using child protection software which is widely available.  Some names of these types of companies are Cyberpatrol and Cybersitter.  There are many other types to choose from and they will all help block and protect your children or young adults from accessing certain websites from you’re PC.


If you know someone under the age of 18 who is registered with Bet Swagger or is using someone’s account, please contact [email protected] immediately so we can take care of the issue. Or you can also tell one of our moderators and they will attend to the issue.  Your identity will stay anonymous and we appreciate the report.

Do you have a gambling problem?  If you’re not sure with yourself ask the following questions.  If you answer yes to any of these you could have an issue and please read up on the solutions we have set forth to help you:

  • Do you like gambling more than spending time with family and friends?
  • Have you ever borrowed, stolen, lied, sold or traded anything to finance gambling?
  • Does gambling take up the majority of your time?
  • Do you gamble until you are out of money?
  • Do you use gambling as a means to pay bills and solve financial troubles?
  • When you win, or after you feel you won, do you have the urge to win more or break the house?
  • When you lose, does the need to get more money and chase/gamble again cross your mind, so you can at least break even and make back what you lost?
  • Has suicide or depressive thoughts ever come over you when you lose or when you lose everything?
  • Do you ever get the feeling to gamble as a means of celebrating a positive moment in your life?
  • Do stressful moments, like fights/disappointments/arguments, etc, give you the urge to gamble?
  • Have you ever used gambling as a means to escape from trouble/boredom/family/friends?
  • Are you in the habit to only purchase day to day things with gambling money?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping because of gambling?
  • Have you had any marital issues due to gambling?


If you said YES to any of the above questions and feel you have a gambling problem, here are two ways to control your gambling addiction:
Deposit Limits: With Bet Swagger you can set your own deposit limits. Give yourself a limited amount of funds for your deposit over a specific period of time (daily, weekly or monthly).  Deposit Limits become effective as soon as you set it. Consult our FAQ’s on how to set these limits and where to find them on our website.
Self-Exclusion: If for any reason you think you need to take a break from gambling, you can self-exclude yourself from Bet Swagger. You can also review how to proceed with this option by visiting our FAQ’s. 

We want to help you in every way possible.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you feel the need to get help.

Play responsibly and you’ll see how much fun it is to play with Bet Swagger members

In the event you feel need to take a break


Bet Swagger has a new option for you to use in the event you want to limit the amount of stakes or bets within a period of 7 days.

To find the options, you must:

1) Log into Bet Swagger
2) Click Cashier
3) Click “Limits”
4) Choose your option(s)

Keep in mind, once you choose your option(s), any new changes, after you made your new parameters, will take 7 days to take effect and a formal request must be made to our support team at [email protected].


If you feel you need to speak to someone or get help with your addiction you can visit this website:
Gambling Therapy - Practical advice and support for problem gamblingCLICK HERE TO LIMIT YOURSELF

Click on the link below in order to take a quick test to see if you have a gambling addiction.
FREE 3 Minute Gambling Addiction Test & Screening - Get Instant Results (